Church Response

Social service workers estimate that one in every five area children lacks adequate food because of poverty. Week after week, we respond. Watch the bulletin for the product of the Month. Canned meats and meals are always needed. Bring donations to the grocery cart in the lobby.

When you shop using gift cards purchased at the desk in the lobby, you get full value and the store of your choice gives 2% of your purchase to the food pantry. It’s a win-win response to community need. You'll see us lining up to purchase cards before and after worship. Check it out! 

Founded in 1972 by a core group of seven churches (including CLUMC) in the aftermath of the Rapid City flood, Church Response continues to help elderly and working poor stretch scarce resources.

We packed 365 soup packets at our 2015 Many Hands event—nutritious family meals for distribution to area families. 



Today, CLUMC is one of 17 sponsoring churches that consistently support the Church Response food pantry with direct donations or through its grocery story food certificates program.