Journey of Faith —Why we're giving...

CLUMC celebrates progress on Journey of Faith projects    

With the generous gifts given to date, we're on the home stretch to pay for for completing the second story of the Christian Life Center and building a beautiful new entry road to our campus. 

Our goal: Pay in full the remaining financial obligations by fulfilling our three-year pledges, making special one-time gifts and continuing to open our doors to our community. 

I'm so thankful for the response that we have had so far for our "Journey of Faith-Upward and Onward Together." The word ‘together’ is an important part of our mission statement as a church.  Each person is called by God to share their particular gifts and talents, and each person's ability to respond varies. Together—and with the help of Christ—we can meet not only this particular challenge, but also others that may come our way in life.”~Pastor Eric Grinager

 Why we're supporting Journey of Faith...

God has blessed me in many ways --anything I can do to help others is a simple way to show my gratefulness. CLUM is and has been part of those blessings----it is my privilege and joy to be involved and take part in its activities.  

~Sharon Wilson


Through the CLUMC pulpit, the classroom, and through the fellowship with this wonderful church family, I have received the gift of Love which is found in Jesus Christ.  It is in grateful thanksgiving I return, in whatever way I’m able, whether it be a prayer, a poem, my time, or a dollar.

~Betty Downs

 "Having been United Methodist NOMADS for over ten years we have had the opportunity to donate our time, talents and monetary resources to help others in need across this country. Giving to the past CLUMC Journey of Faith fund drives has been an opportunity for us to "make a difference" in our own church. What a blessing it has been to be involved in this congregation. We look forward to continue being financially involved in this phase of our "Journey of Faith" in support of this church's growth as it expands in service to others."

~John and Connie Howard 

As we continue on our Journey of Faith and expand and improve the church campus we are enhancing the opportunity to share our love with the neighborhood and the community….This project continues to realize the goals of our Journey of Faith.

~Bill Barber

Friends, why a new driveway? How many thriving churches and businesses require people to find an old, obscure and uninviting main entrance?  Very few! We now have an  opportunity to brilliantly upgrade our appeal and access--let's get 'er done!!!  

~Earl & Grace Stucke.

We all are on our own personal journeys of faith through life. Often we deceive ourselves as to our progress down that path. [Our] church and its pastors challenge us on a weekly basis to re-exam and realistically measure where we are in that journey.  All journeys require resources, whether time, talents, or funds!

~Bill Wittrig

One of my joys through CLUMC is participating in the weekend hospital visitation program and praying with and for our members who are patients there. Roger and I have belonged to many Methodist Churches in the past 56 years but CLUMC people have a special gift for caring for and about us.

~Sally and Roger Kritenbrink



What We've Received at Canyon Lake UMC and Why We Want to Give

 Was there a special time when the CLUMC family touched your life?  Yeah, right now.  I have been battling mesothelioma cancer since June of last year and the continual encouragement, hugs, love and support from the CLUMC family has truly been priceless.  I can not put into words how much it has meant to me.

~Larry Burkhead

"Greetings to our church family.  With you, we share the joy of serving and being part of this church.  We have found that the more involved we are in service to CLUMC and in outreach to the community, the greater our sense of fulfillment and our desire to do more.  We feel blessed to be able to contribute to The Journey of Faith.  We believe our church is building capacity to enrich the faith of all our members and to reach out to people who cry themselves to sleep each night without the comfort of faith.  Please join us and others in this Journey." ~ Joe and Alys Ratigan

~Alys and Joe Ratigan, Campaign and Building Commitee members

 "A capital fund raising drive is nobody's idea of a church picnic. But it is how we propel ourselves forward. Cathy and I are 'joyful givers', but not only through our tithe. We are blessed to offer the gift of service: leading Senior High youth, coordinating the Mission meal, singing in the choirs, traveling to Sager Brown, serving as lay leader are some of the ways we go out into the world to be the people of God. Our family's hope is that the additional space and programming potential will allow many more to find activities that bring them joy through service."

~Richard and Cathy Wahlstrom


"We belong and give to CLUMC because it's a church of doers. People at CLUMC believe it's Gods will to take care of al of God’s children and everyone is a child of God!"  

~Rick and Naomi Hatfield


CLUMC has been our “second family” for nearly 30 years.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to be an integral part of the congregation and to assist in meeting the mission of our church.  Giving of our time and money in return is only a small portion of what spiritual benefits and gratification we have received from our membership throughout the years. We are honored to participate in this Journey of Faith."   

~Ken & Bea Gifford


Dawna and I believe that CLUMC provides a gathering place for activities and interactions that go beyond the meditative and worshiping functions that are its core mission as a church.  In the true spirit of Christian outreach and in keeping with the long standing traditions of many faiths, the church has a place as an active gathering spot in the community. It should, as much as possible, make itself a warm, appealing, and easily accessible facility for those who wish to extend their fellowship beyond the sanctuary itself. Helping CLUMC achieve this status is a choice we cheerfully make and a challenge we enthusiastically accept."   

~John and Dawna Tsitrian 


   Doing youth ministry has been a dream of mine since I was in high school.  I am so fortunate to      be able to serve this church after all it has done for me since I was little.  My memories from youth group are some of the best of my life aside from church camp.  I always felted loved here and I still do.  I feel so blessed everyday to come to work toward for our kids to help them learn more about the Bible and God's love for them. ~Erin Woods, Youth Ministry Coordinator