Waffle Church- Come. Eat. Love.




















ATTENTION:  Waffle Church is moving to South Maple United Methodist Church! Contact  Pastor Holly Sortland at 605.877.0705 for more information and upcoming dates!

What is Waffle Church?   Waffle Church is a  gathering that seeks to bring people together in a faith community that fosters acceptance and love.  It reminds us that Jesus invites us ALL to come to him as children, but you don't have to be a child to attend.  Waffle Church invites everyone to get a little messy along the way!

Waffle Church Dates

 Who can attend Waffle Church?  Short answer:  Anyone and everyone!  Waffle Church is a place to remember that Jesus invites us to come to him as children, but you don't have to be a child to attend.  Please note--all children must be accompanied by an adult.  This is a family worship community!  Singles and couples without children are families too! 


What happens at Waffle Church?  Songs, prayers, time to move around and squirm, art, communion, and of course, WAFFLES!


What is communion?   Communion (grape juice and bread) is a special time for people to take bread and juice, representing the love of God & Jesus.  Communion is open to anyone of any age.


How long does Waffle Church last?  You can plan to spend about an hour and and half at Waffle Church.  Worship times includes our waffle-eating and even our shared clean-up!


Where and when is waffle church?  Waffle church is held in the Christian Life Center at Canyon Lake United Methodist Church.