Nursery Care


• The nursery is open to children from birth to 5 years old during church services and Sunday School.

• On Wednesday nights, we host kiddos from birth through kindergarten.

• During meetings or special events, kids of all ages are welcome to be in the nursery, as long as they respect the rules!

• In addition to our nursery specific duties, we also maintain the Busy Bags that are kept in Skylar’s Corner for children to use during worship services. There is also a small library of children’s books in Skylar’s Corner that can be checked out. It is a great resource!

Our nursery requires a check-in/check-out process for children who visit us throughout the week using the big blue board on the back of the nursery door which houses name tags for the children and matching numbered wrist bands for adults. Regular attendees have permanent nametags, and guests are always welcome to fill out a temporary one for the child to wear. Parents and guardians then take a wrist coil with a number that matches the number on the child’s nametag, and must turn in that wrist coil to pick up their child. This system is designed to make it easier to check kiddos in and help adults feel more comfortable knowing only the sperson with the wrist coil can pick up their child.

 If you have any questions about the nursery, or would like to volunteer your time, contact Laura Tolle through the church office at 348-1080.